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Hi there.
Not the most tech savvy so forgive what may be a very basic question. I'm a UK resident that had a 3 pre paid data sim (with roaming capabilities) and tp-link shipped to me in the US where I'm currently working for a short period of time. I just want some data on the go. I've been onto tp-link and 3 customer service a few times with no joy.
The mifi reads T mobile and has bars.
It shows that there is a device connected to it (my iPhone).
My phone can see it and is connected.
No internet.
When I go into it shows everything but says its disconnected in the status page.
3 tells me its activated.
The APN was on my regular O2 account but three give me a new APN ( username (admin) and password (admin).
No change.

Has anyone come across this before? Could this be a frequency thing with the US that renders my mifi and roaming sim a completely pointless purchase?

If you have an answer to this question specifically that would be awesome.

Thanks in advance.