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I have recently made the switch from fixed line broadband to 4G mobile broadband as I was only able to receive 1mps via BT.

The MR200 works great, with an external antenna pulling 2 or 3 bars of reception. I now get 20-30mps.

However, I have one major flaw I need to resolve. The MR200 does not allow wifi calling to work. I live in an old stone building and there is no mobile reception in the house at all, so it is a big deal to me. After reading some threads others have mentioned the same issues with their MR200's and talk about port forwarding etc.

I am a novice on the technical side, but can follow instructions. Is there anyone out there that can explain how i configure the MR200 to allow wifi calling working? If not, it will be going back to the shop in return for a Huawei B315 which I believe does allow wifi calling.

Any help would be much appreciated please.

Kind regards