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First of all I have successfully configured a previous LB100 bulb using Kasa on my Android phone along with several intelligent plugs

The configuration process finds the bulb, no problem, it allows me to name the device, and it allows me to enter the password for my TP-Link wireless router.

But when I reach the "Almost Done" part where it says its adding the device to my network I receive an "Installation Failed" message displaying a robot with its arm torn off.

I have restarted the process several times, with it failing in the same spot.

I have made sure that the password is correct for the WiFi.

I have tried the "turning the light on and off 5 times to reset to factory settings." process but it stills fails at the same spot.

I assume that the final phase of the process is the WiFi password being written to the bulb's firmware.

Unfortunately, since it doesn't successfully add the device to Kasa I have no way of knowing what firmware level it is at.

Any help would be appreciated.