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    tp link td w8968 problem

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    I have a problem with tp link td w8968 only when i activat the wireless Randomly the internet goes off entill i make any change on wireless setting like disable wps or activated after some a while it goes off again. please help me

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    Hardware version?
    Firmware version?

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    Hardware Version : TD-W8968 V4 0x00000001

    Firmware Version : 1.0.5 Build 150504 Rel.57027

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    thanks but this framware is not of my regeion im from morocco

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    Install version 151229, it is compatible with your modem, no problem with the region.

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    well i stll have the problem after upgrading to last framware

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    i know now what causing my problem it was the smartphone Samsung j5 always uploading when connected to my tp link now how can control the bandwidth of a specific device like samsung or stoping it from uploading


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