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    HS100 Away Mode not Working

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    When the away mode is activated, the switch will not turn on and off randomly during the designated interval.

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    Same problem here. Everything else works OK, including voice activation via Amazon Echo, so I must have set it up correctly.

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    Poorly functioning away feature of hs105

    Same for me. Power button remains on. Plus, can't program away to function from sunset to sunrise, only the reverse. Don't need lights randomly during the day. Defeats the purpose.

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    They are adding the feature to set away from sunset to sunrise. If it's not working at all, check the device time.

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    When will that happen as it is still not available on my plugs.

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    don't know the exact date, but not now.

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    Same problem here on HS105/ new firmware.

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    Same problem here. Spent two hours with tech support. Iím doing everything right, but itís not working.Question: when it does work, dies the app report when itís on/off like the schedule mode.

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    uh...I think you can see the power button turning green/on or grey/off during the period you set if away mode takes effect


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