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    Thumbs up Archer C3200 LAN and WIFI dropouts and DNS lookup issues

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    I am now on my second of these routers. Overall the speed is great, as is the ease of configuration. I have been in touch with TP-LINK support and VIP support to no avail. After the issues with the first router couldn't be resolved, I swapped the hardware as per TP-Link instructions. Initially it looked okay, however now the device has been running for a week or so I am running into issues again:

    1. Connection to my Virginmedia modem are fine, no issues, the modem does not seem to lose connection at all
    2. I have devices hard wired into the router directly, some also via a switch (PC, Mac, Power LAN). Speed is fine, however often I receive a ' resolving host ' message in the browser(s) and FTP downloads are interrupted. Also Skype for business calls/chats/transfers, as well as Webex and other web meeting software solutions get interrupted, primarily my voice and desktop sharing video.
    3. I have devices connected through Wifi, such as iPhones, iPads, TP-Link KASA switches, HUE bridge, laptops, SKY boxes, Apple Airport Express and AppleTV and IP Cams. ALL of these devices encouter connectivity issues on ALL networks. They are fairly evenly spread out between 2G and 5G networks.
    4. When this dropout happens I cannot reach the router IP either, so it is really unlikely that it's a broadband issue.
    5. I have swapped the DNS servers for Google's to no avail.

    The firmware is the latest available, the router is new, so I'm pretty lost now. I have optimised the channels used for both signals, however as this also happens on the hardwired devices I don't think it's a frequency issue.

    If anyone has encountered similar issues - please let me know!



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    Identical issues, have not found a resolution. Such a shame, as the router - when it is performing - does so flawlessly and I would be very happy with it. As it stands, it's flaws frustrate me on a daily basis and I would be very hesitant purchasing from TP-LINK again. Support for this product seems non-existent and they don't support to be working on any firmware updates.

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    Exclamation Issues still remain

    It does seem however that there aren't many of 'us'. Their VIP support (escalated) will be accessing my MAC with team viewer. If this succeeds in fixing the issue, great, else I will have no choice other than returning the item. I have issues 5-10 times per day.

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    In my case, both wifi and wired TV work fine all the time, but I get LAN dropouts in my Windows 10 PC pretty often ("cable unplugged"). No idea who to blame or how to diagnose.


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