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    TL-SF1005D - home use - only partially working

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    Hi all,

    My first post in spite of having owned TP-Link hardware for several trouble-free years!

    The story......our new house extension is a long way from the wifi router so we put in a wired connection from one of the main router output ethernet ports.

    At the other end, in the new extension, I have 3 devices competing for one ethernet port:
    1. A TP Link router to create a wifi hotspot.
    2. A smart TV
    3. A set top box.

    All of these devices have worked perfectly when individually plugged into the ethernet socket.

    So I bought a TL-SF1005D thinking it would solve my problem.

    The basic setup is ADSL line > modem > main router > ethernet wire/socket > TL-SF1005D then a cable in ports 3, 4 and 5 to each of the three devices.

    The result is:
    1) The mini-router is working perfectly giving me wifi (using it to submit this thread) - connected via the switch.
    2) Smart TV will not connect
    3) set top box will not connect.

    I've re-booted everything several times with no result. Given that one device is working and the other two are not, I'm stumped. And I'm very non-technical. This is meant to be plug and play.

    Any ideas?

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    Hi dude
    Could your Smart TV and set top box can get an IP from the main Router? You can check the DHCP Client list in the main router.
    Your meaning"not connect" is about what phenomenon?


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