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    What are the differences SG-108 PE V1 vs. V2

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    I bought the switch online and noticed that it is hardware version V1. At the TP-Link Product Description Website the version V2 is mentioned as the most recent. Because I have to decide if I'll send it back or not, I want to know what the difference is between this versions.


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    Almost all products got their version bumped up on the websites, but they are not available on the market at all (at least in my country; just asked my dealer for a TL-SG108PE v2, which he didn't even heard of until I asked for). Probably those new versions just will just have the new TP-Link logo on the box and a web UI with new look & feel, which was introduced recently due to the 20-year jubilee of TP-Link. For any other differences we probably will have to wait until those successor versions will hit the market. I hope that future software for newer versions will be made available to older hardware, too.

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    Thank you for your investigation. So I'll keep it.


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