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    Question Dim lights inside bulb

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    Dear Forum,

    My bulb seems to have connection and I can control it from my iPhone but when I tap the "on" button on the app, I see dim lights come on inside the bulb, but that is it. I have checked the brightness settings and despite adjusting it, I doesn't change. If I tap the on button on and off from the app, the dim lights go on and off but it never gets any brighter.

    Your help appreciated



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    If you remove power from the bulb, I would think it would come on full brightness when powered (I don't have a TP Link bulb, only other brands). Does this happen? If the bulb doesn't come on full brightness, I would question if it's defective. If it does, then what happens when you dim it using the orange ring around the device icon in Kasa?

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    The TP link bulbs remember their settings even if it loses power. You can try a factory reset on it. Turn the light switch off, then turn it on/off 5 times. That should bring it to default, which is maximum brightness.


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