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    EAP245 PoE 802.3af or 802.3at

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    On the German features Page of the EAP245 it supports the 802.3af

    On the German specifications and the english page the 802.3at is listed.

    With the power of 12,7W the EAP245 will fit the range of 802.3af.
    Can some one from TP Link please confirm that the EAP245 will work on 802.3af to?

    br JAjun

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAjun View Post
    With the power of 12,7W the EAP245 will fit the range of 802.3af.
    No, it won't. 802.3af assumes that due to line loss only 12,95 W out of 15,4 W is available for the powered device. Since there should be a reserve capacity, the specs of needing 802.3at are most likely correct. In practice this means that an EAP245 could probably also work with a 802.3af-compliant power source on short cable distances, but if the EAP is under heavy load the PoE source could be insufficient to keep the EAP running, thus leading to sporadic power outages.

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    FYI: Set up an EAP245 today, works fine with TL-POE150S (fairly standard home use, so no heavy load).

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    EAP245 need IEEE 802.1 at PoE which power consumption is higher than 15w. If you use af PoE power, it may cause insufficent issue of EAP245.


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