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    @Ian thats the same firmware I was emailed, sorry to say it didnt fix my disconnections.

    If it works for you let us know though.

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    Okey dokey. I'll keep an eye on in the coming days, in the hope it sorts, as we're using the plugs for IPTV, we should be able to see if there's an improvement or not. Think Peter mentioned in a previous post, he had a positive outcome, so here's hoping. On a side note, the team I've been working with, at TP-LINK Support, have been fantastic and a pleasure to deal with.

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    With those betas, I've verified IPTV multicast traffic routing, and got mixed results. The V2 firmware correctly routes multicast traffic from PLC to those LAN clients that have subscribed to the stream, with the other LAN jacks not getting copied. The beta firmware for the V1 fails to get this right, multicast traffic copying to all three LAN ports no matter what. I have reported this finding back, so let's all look forward to a 2nd beta fixing that.

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    Been busy I completely forgot about this.

    Any more news on your testing?

    Cant believe last time I talked to support they claimed they had no V2 to exchange for mine, or had any idea when they would have any.
    Completely ridiculous and useless!


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