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    So you say they sent you new firmware to test?

    Yet I get this reply today!

    After checking your issue, I do not think further debug is a good idea for you. Also, I have to notice that we do not have new firmware.

    Here is my suggestion:
    1. I would like to replace a new homeplug kit to you, if you hope to do this, please first tell me where did you purchased your device and where are you locating in, I will then continue the further process of replacement.
    2. If you hope to refund this device, I suggest you contact to your retailer. According to our policy, we do not provide refund service.

    Thanks for your cooperation and patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

    Best Regards
    Evans Chen
    Technical Support Engineer
    1) I've already had them replaced by Amazon, as with first set, disconnections were rare, but after a couple months disconnections become more regular to daily to several times a day!
    I've got V1 set at though. But I think you said your V2 still disconnect
    2) As said I've already had them replaced once, and I've had these for a while now so I do not think they will refund now.

    This tech support has been running me in circles!
    And now they give two different answers to the same question!

    Tell me no new firmware, yet you have been sent the new firmware???!!!!!
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    I see no more disconnects on V1 with the beta firmware. It's been almost a week, zero disconnects, Wake-on-LAN problem also gone. The V2 has only run three days so far, also zero connection losses. Note that both versions have powersave mode enabled and working.

    Yes indeed, TP-Link UK support have sent me this beta firmware (very recent, built on Qualcomm release 2.2.3), and they are a pleasure to work with.

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    Not here unfortunately!

    Why tell me there isnt a beta firmware when clearly there is!
    Why get me to do all that testing?!
    I was told they were working on a beta firmware, and yet they didnt send it to me to try out when it was ready, and claimed there was no new firmware!
    They have sent it to me now, but only when I complained and linked this thread demanding why they are lying to me when clearly there is a new beta firmware.

    After all this time their reply was we can replace them or you can apply for refund from retailer.
    Well I've had these for a while now, even had them replaced by retailer once, so I doubt they would refund them!

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    Update on my testing: The V2 adapters with the test firmware I got really work best. Physical line speed is noticeably lower than on the V1 adapters, but stability is perfect and IGMP/MLD snoop is working properly. The V1 beta firmware breaks this feature, multicast traffic directed to one LAN port also streaming out the other two.

    So since we are extensively using IPTV in my house, I have now deployed the V2 adapters, and await TP-Link's feedback to my reports on V1. I have a couple of weeks left for more trials with the V1 before I'll ultimately have to return them to Amazon.

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    Cheeky buggers!

    So since you have said the V2 looks to be more stable, I've asked them to replace my V1 with V2

    They reply saying OK, but there might be a price difference and I'd have to pay for that.

    Hell no! This is their problem, it's their fault, it's a manufacturing fault and hence THEY should fix it at THEIR cost, NOT MINE!

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    At least the V2 adapters come with a new chip (Qualcomm 7550), latest firmware, and multicast routing properly enabled. In a couple of weeks at the very latest, I'll return my V1 kit and keep the V2 that Amazon sent me as a replacement - at no charge, with free shipping, with a free-return-shipping sticker, no discussions whatsoever.

    Besides, if anything, the kit has become cheaper over time since you and I bought it, not more expensive.

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    Hi Peter, would there's be any chance you'd be able to send me the beta firmware you have? I've been in touch with customer services myself in recent days, as i'm finding my V2 plugs randomly disconnect, daily, for about 2-8 seconds and then reconnect, but TP Link advised they haven't got any newer beta firmware.... very annoying. Other than that annoyance, the plugs work great. If you could help, or send a link, I'd be very grateful!

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    Hi guys, can anyone send me the V2 beta firmware? I've been in touch with TP-link and they've advised they don't have such beta firmware....

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    Hi guys, can anyone send me the beta V2 firmware? I've been in touch with TP-Link and the team advised they don't have such beta firmware, despite Peter's encouraging details and various temporary on Amazon too from other users. I'm finding my plugs randomly lose connectivity, daily for 5-8 seconds - not a huge issue, more of an annoyance. And we're using them for IPTV. Other than that, they work great, but I'd be keen to see if the elusive beta firmware resolve...

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    onlinesupport.uk@tp-link.com is where I got mine from, talking to a Leswin there. Haven't heard back from him for a week now though.

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    Hi Peter, can you please upload the beta v1 firmware for us? Cheers

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    Hey guys, I've also have this problem and I've contact to TP-Link's support, they provide me the download link of the beta firmware. I post the download link here to let you guys to download them.
    For V1 http://static.tp-link.com/TL-PA8030P 1.0_EU&UK_Beta_Firmware.rar;
    For V2 http://static.tp-link.com/TL-PA8030P...a_Firmware.rar.

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    Thanks Pacoo for finding the vendor's own link ... I'm always for not redistributing what has been sent to a single person individually.

    Purely from the filenames, I can confirm these are the same I got (I had EU flavors only).

    I'm going to send my final report out this week - and I'll have to return the V1 kit to Amazon too, time's up or else they're going to bill me for the V2 kit.
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    Bah, Amazon wont replace my V1 with V2.

    First they thought they were different products

    now they saying they can only do a partial refund or a return :/

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    Thanks to everyone for their help and support and to Peter and Pacoo for the firmware. I've updated the plugs I have now. Hoping they'll be more stable!


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