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    Problemi connessione Rete Tim ARCHER MR200

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    Buongiorno , ho appena comprato un router Archer MR200 e ho problemi di stabilità nella connessione internet e lan
    La connessione spesso salta e quando provo ad accedere al router via pc ho spesso perdita del segnale e quindi mi rimane la pagina bianca
    Ho provato ad effettuare l aggiornamento del firmware ma non ho risolto nulla .
    Potete aiutarmi ?
    La scheda SIM è della TIM e sul precedente router TIM non ha mai dato problemi .


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    Hello, could you please in English?

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    Ok ...sorry for my bad english . I have bought an archer mr200 and i have installed the new firmware . The 4g/3g connection isn't stable also the signal is 75%The internet connection must be restart every 5/10 minutesMy contract on the sim is 4g but the line often is 3gThe router is setting on auto connectionMay be this the problem ?

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    The sim and the connection with the old router given't any problem

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    Seems to be a problem with the actual modem firmware as opposed to the router, have tried OpenWrt on it, not easy as the MR200 isn't actually supported however the same problem occurred with the 3g / 4g modem which appears to be a separate android device and is still running the TP link modem firmware.

    Tried every build of firmware which made no difference, then on the off chance tried another 1 amp Power supply of a Netgear router and that seems to have improved things somewhat, actually managed 8 hours without a disconnection.
    Still not perfect though, although no longer need to reboot the router to get it back, refreshing the browser seems to kick it back into life after a short wait!
    I'm thinking that the provided power supply is not providing enough current for what is effectively an inbuilt USB modem.

    Curiously the same PSU swap also worked on a TL-3220 mk1, which is known to be underpowered for some USB dongles and also used to cut out frequently.
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    Which is what I am currently using and solves nothing as far as the cutting out is concerned and it's not the sim either as that works perfectly well in other router modems and dongles.

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    Hello , the problem of the connection there is yet . The connection in 3G stopped every 5 minutes . I installed the latest firmware but the problem isn't solved
    Help please

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    BUg in mr200 still

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    Given up on the MR200 and got a Huawei B315s which works properly! no disconnects in over a week. Shame as the MR200 is more configurable, however it's a moot point if it doesn't work properly! Keeping it though in case anyone at TP-Link ever get round to fixing the modem firmware.


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