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    TC-W7960 wifi disconnects, wired fine

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    I recently purchased a TC-W7960 modem/wifi router to use with my Xfinity service. I've cut the cable cord and am using a streaming service. Unfortunately that service is sporadically affected since my wireless connection drops randomly. Wired connections don't appear to be affected when the wifi drops. I don't actually lose wifi signal but my internet connection is gone. I'll most often have to disconnect and reconnect to get it back stable again. Has anyone else experienced this? I don't see many wifi options that I could tweak to fix this or any firmware update I could apply to address this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Members QAQ is on a distinguished road
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    what about the guest network?
    try to reset it by login to webGUI-advanced-system tools

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    I am in exactly the same situation as OP. Bought TC-W7960 for Xfinity, worked well in the first 3 months, but now wifi drops randomly.
    I've figured that wifi usually drops ~10 minutes after I start downloading something large, for example a 3GB game.
    Quote Originally Posted by QAQ View Post
    try to reset it by login to webGUI-advanced-system tools
    Tried resetting, no luck.

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    Junior Member jett1965 is on a distinguished road
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    [h=2]TC-W7960 sucker loses password. just got it. I guess TP Linkbelt or whatever the outfit is called here saw me coming on this ordeal. Really[/h]broke it off in me from behind. I was all excited too. I got mad and threw it across the room and it hit the wall and now it won't work at all. Some plastic pieces fell
    off but not that much of a mess. I wonder if I damaged it?

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    I contacted customer support chat and they suggested changing the 2.4 GHz channel from auto to 1, 6 or 11. It been about 30 minutess, no drops...but let's wait and see.

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    Junior Member Megatek is on a distinguished road
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    Apr 2016
    just changed my WDR4300 to channel 6. which has the same issue of daily random WiFi outages. Please post if your change has helped.

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    Junior Member homeby5 is on a distinguished road
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    Same problem here

    I have the same problem. Both modems doing same problem.

    1st modem dropping several times a day. TP link kept blaming it on Comcast. Comcast gave me a loaner modem and it NEVER dropped in two weeks. So TP link sent me a new one.
    2nd modem...same problem. Tried different channels. Won't work with any stability. After speaking to support again, some Chinese lady was supposed to get someone that can communicate in English to call me back. 6 days later....nothing.

    Called Amazon and complained and they refunded my credit card. Even after 4 months of going through this horrible, crap hardware.


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