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    Lightbulb once was but is now failing to respond to Alexa

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    I am trying to help my mother troubleshoot her light bulb long distance. It was originally set up with the Kasa app and working normally with Alexa in a table lamp. Today it stopped responding. I asked her to turn the lamp off and on manually, and that did not help. What should I ask her to try next? It is frustrating that there is no troubleshooting FAQ for the smart bulb (like there is for the smart plug).

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    I think, maybe turn on and off the LB power to let it restart will work.

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    That didnt work ...

    ... because, as I said in mt initial post, we already tried that.

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    I had a bulb in my living room that worked fine for weeks. Suddenly went off-line and nothing would get it back on. I moved it into the kitchen (where the Wink hub is) and it started working again. Moved it back to the LR and it's been fine for several weeks now.

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    I have the same problem. I have five LB100's setup to work with Alexa. They all go off line for no reason. I can go and turn each one on manually and they will come back on-line. I call tech support Thursday Feb.23 2017 and got and updated firmware fix for all bulbs. They all at release 1.2.3. This according to TP-Link tech support was suppose to fix this issue. It didn't!! It's interesting that I had to call to get the firmware update. It's not available thru the app. Go figure.. It's real interesting that my other WIFI devices do not drop their connections like the bulbs do. That seems to point to the bulbs being the issue. The answer I got from tech support was that "there are so many different types of routers that it is difficult to point to the problem". Wow that's scary.

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    guys the cloud service had encountered urgent issues and now it supposed to back to nomarl status~

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    My LB110 is not working with my Echo right now. I have a light bulb and a smart switch. I asked Alexa to discover devices and it does not see the devices. This as of 8 AM PST.

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    Wonder if there is an ETA, as of 8 AM PST my Echo was not working with my LB110.

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    There have been several instances in the past month wherein Alexa cannot find the TP-Link devices. I'm not sure if this is the fault of Amazon servers, TP-Link servers, or some combination thereof, but I am getting very tired of it. My LP-330 multicolored bulb work fine with the Kasa app, but it frequently cannot respond to Alexa. Also, the bulb scenes have NEVER worked via Alexa. Not on frigging time. TP-Link is likely the fault of this as they apparently don't know how to program the connection via Alexa interface. I won't buy anymore TP-Link junk, ever...

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    What is smart bulb ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by graficurl View Post
    What is smart bulb ?
    A bulb that you can connect to PC and setting it as you wish. Please check the products here: http://www.tp-link.com/us/home-netwo...me/smart-bulbs
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