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    Unhappy TP-LINK ARCHER D20 losing continously internet configuration

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    Good morning, I'm using a TP-LINK ARCHER D20 which lose continously Internet configuration without doing anything. After some time using it (switching it on and off all days) one day, when switching it on, internet configuration is gone without doing anything (all lights are on except the internet one) and I have to re-access and set up the modem again. It asks me again to set a login password and all the other values as if I was configuring it for the first time. After re-configuring it, it works until it breaks again. This hppens very freqently (about every week) I Always configure the router using Microsoft Edge I had already provided to change the router because it was in warranty, but with no success. They gave me an other identical one, which has the same problem. It must be a hardware or firmaware problem. Can you help me? Can you release a firmaware updae, if possible, which solves the problem? What can this problem be due to?
    Some data tha may be useful to you:
    Archer d-20 V1
    Firmware Version:1.2.0 0.8.0 v0049.0 Build 160216 Rel.60153n
    Operative system: Windows 10 64bit
    ISP: Telecom Italy

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    You should ask TP-Link's support department to help you solve your problem. Do you have the S/N number of the D20?

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    Good morning. I contacted them but I wasn't convinced by their replies. They said me to not switch it on and off every day, because it's made to be kept Always on. I have to switch this off when I don't use it for security reasons, especially at night. I don't see why a router should lose internet configuration when switched off. Then, he said it could be because of my home electrycal system, of which tension and frequence may be too high. Honestly, I don't believe it's due to that. I had the same problems with both the two routers, so I believe it could be an hardware or firmaware problem. Wha is the S/N number of the router?
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    As for S/N number, I mean the serial number of your machine. This surely a problem of the hardware.

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    Serial number: 2165132001216

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    Beta Firmware

    Please give me your mail id , I will give you the beta firmware that I have , that resolved a similar issue for me.

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    I have same problem on Archer D2 .......
    You have a solution?

    Firmware Version:1.4.0 0.8.0 v003e.0 Build 160216 Rel.55536n
    Hardware Version:Archer D2 v1 00000002

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolsun85 View Post
    Please give me your mail id , I will give you the beta firmware that I have , that resolved a similar issue for me.
    Same bug


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