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    Just bought a new laptop Acer Aspire V Nitro VN7 593G. Noticed straight away that my C7v2 router became very unstable. Was at my wits end until I found this thread! Installed the US version (I'm in NZ and there is no version specifically for me). Pleased to say the problem is now solved - my wireless adapter is as above a Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4A Was so close to throwing it in the bin....

    Is this a problem also for the C9 router which I have at work?

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    Junior Member frankthetank is on a distinguished road
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    Any drivers for Archer C7 v1.1?

    I'm looking to get this fixed, are there drivers for Archer C7 V1.1 (or V1)?

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    Junior Member bobmayo is on a distinguished road
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    The fix is to go with the Intel 8265NGWMG Card

    I received my new Dell XPS 13 9560 PC, powered it up, and immediately it began crashing my wifi network. This happened repeatedly and would occur anywhere between five minutes and one hour after powering up. Every time this happened, I would have to go to my loft, where my router is, turn the power off and on and wait for the network to come up again. Given I live in a rural area, and use the wifi network for my phone, not only did I lose internet service when this happened, but phone service as well.
    I was confident the new PC was the cause of the problem, since I’ve had my TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750 Wireless Router for two years and never experienced this issue using our household’s other two computers: a high-end Mac Pro and a $200 HP Stream 11. Plus, many friends and family have visited me and used their devices with no problem. So, I reported the problem to Dell Support. For four days, they had me installing various drivers and BIOS upgrades. They even had me upgrade the firmware in my router.
    Meanwhile, I’d been researching the issue, Googling “Dell XPS 13 9560 wifi issues” brought up an article from Windows Central, “Having Wi-Fi issues with your Dell XPS 13? Here’s how to fix the problem.” The article went on to state “One small complaint about the stellar Dell XPS 13: The stock wireless card sucks.” Their recommended solution: replace the stock Rivet Network’s “Killer” wifi card with the Intel 8265NGWMG wireless card. For those of you out of warranty, it’s available for about $30 from Amazon. The article takes you step-by-step through the replacement process. Quite easy if you’re careful.
    In my case, with my new PC, I didn’t want to risk voiding the warranty. On Day Four of my email and phone interactions with Dell Support, I brought up the fact that I had done some research and had found this article, plus many forum comments pointing to the Killer wireless card as being the culprit. Immediately, they agreed to have a technician drive to my house and replace the stock Killer wireless card with the Intel 8265NGW.
    It took the technician only a short amount of time to replace the card, install the driver for that card and hand me – at last – a working Dell XPS 13. Now, several days of usage later, the network has yet to fail.
    This kind of experience puts a bad taste in your mouth about the new computer you just bought. In my case, a $1,346 configured version. I was extremely excited when the Fedex guy delivered it. Now, I’m trying to recapture that enthusiasm. It seems to be working great. I’m delighted with the physical design and operation of it now that it’s no longer crashing my network. But… I’m puzzled as to why Dell got cheap with the Killer wifi card instead of going with the Intel from the get-go. Perhaps only a small percentage of XPS 13 customers, for whatever reason, run into the problem that I did. But, from scanning the forums, there are enough folks who have and why would Dell want to tarnish their reputation for an otherwise top-notch laptop?

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    beta firmware and RE540 repeater

    This beta firmware solved the problems with the ArcherC7 router, but now I have a TPlink repeater and it seems to have the same problem. Whenever my laptop connects, it works for 10 minutes and then completely fries the repeater such that it requires a factory reset to function again. TPlink customer support has pointed me to the latest firmware for the RE450 but I suspect that it will not work and instead needs the same functionality present in the router beta release.

    Quote Originally Posted by tplink View Post
    The beta firmware is a US version which means that customers in USA could upgrade it.

    Actually this beta has the same firmware version 3.15.1 with the official 160719. However, the patch in the beta wasn't added in 160719 as it's given by QCA. In consideration of stability (maybe the patch would have other compatibility problems with other wifi adapters, just not sure), we only add the patch in the beta to help customers that suffering the router crash issue.
    However, we will work on this compatibility issue with Dell computers and once get a perfect solution, will release an official firmware to replace the beta.

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    The ArcherC7 beta allowed my Dell to work with the router, but the Dell still kills my RE450 repeater. Is there a similar firmware update that works with the repeater?

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    I have just bought an Archer C7 v2
    firmware: 3.15.1 Build 160616 Rel.44182n

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    Hello Admin
    I have just bought a Tp-link Archer C7 V2
    Firmware Version: 3.15.1 Build 160616 Rel.44182n
    Hardware Version: Archer C7 v2 00000000
    The EU Edition (Germany)
    I have bought as well a Dell XPS 15 (9560) laptop which has the killer adapter wireless card
    My problem is the 5Ghz signal would drop and disappear suddenly but still has a light on the router while the 2.4Ghz signal still working and accessible, that not happen only with my XPS but with my other devices (Android phone and iPad) and it doesn't work and till I reboot the router
    I have check the firmware on the website and I found I have the latest
    I don't where is the problem here, is it from the laptop or from the router and that happened 3 time in like 2 hrs
    so could you help me with this problem
    thank you

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    Junior Member cdeath27 is on a distinguished road
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    Archer c7 v2 fixed with beta firmware

    Beta firmware worked. We had a lenovo yoga y910 that kept causing the Archer C7 V2 to crash. I updated to the latest firmware, and it continued to crash. Once I added the beta firmware to the device, the lenovo laptop could connect fine. It used to connect for about 1 minute, then crash the router. This is not the case anymore. I am not even using the 5Ghz, I am using 2.4 and have no other issues. I registered just to post this.

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    I am running Archer C7 v3 with firmware3.15.1 Build 161101 Rel.40542n. The problem still exists with my son's Lenovo Flex 4. I ended up buying a USB Wireless adapter for his laptop. But when his computer updated yesterday it defaulted to the built in wireless adapter and sure enough he brought down our Wi-Fi. Is there a newer version of the beta for the C7 v3 that actually fixes this issue?

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    Junior Member killthewireless is on a distinguished road
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    New XPS 13 /Archer D7 - disconnect

    Having the same problems as listed in this thread.
    New Dell XPS 13 9360 with Killer Wireless card. Updated latest wireless drivers and I updated my Australian D7 with:

    Firmware Version:1.8.0 0.9.1 v0051.0 Build 170511 Rel.51715nHardware Version:Archer D7 v1 00000000

    After reboot of the router maybe 5-10 mins of the XPS connected to the 5ghz band it crashes the router 5ghz band and effects all other devices.

    Any updates on this or am I buying a new different brand router?


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    killthewireless, I would suggest you contact Dell and try to get them to replace your wifi card. In addition to crashing these routers, the Killer card also screws up Thunderbolt connections, so if you ever plan to use Thunderbolt in the future, or even think you might, that would be the way to go. They replaced mine for free within two or three days of my first phone call.

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    Junior Member adibacco is on a distinguished road
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    Archer D7 (Firmware Version:1.6.0 0.9.1 v002d.0 Build 160216 Rel.57110n Hardware Version:Archer D7 v1 00000000) is crashed by "Killer Wireless AC 1535" found on DELL XPS 9560 2017.

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    Hello TP Link,
    You published a preliminary new firmware for Archer C7 V2 through this forum here in January.
    Given that about 8 months have passed since that - when will you release the firmware officially through the public support website?

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    Gave up on TP-Link

    TB-Link is closed door for me because of this case. I had the router for two years and it stopped working after I bought the problematic Wifi card. A router should not fail because of a card. If the card is bad, it should be ignored, not crash the router. This is bad design, and worst, bad customer service. I've been struggling with this issue for almost an year. I finally sold my C7 router on ebay and got ASUS RT-AC66U. Bye, bye TP-Link!!!!


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