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    I'm currently speaking on the helpdesk with your staff about this issue with an Archer D7. Ticket #291910.

    Last week I bought a new Dell XPS 13, and it reliably causes my Archer D7 wifi to crash on both bands within 30 minutes to an hour of it connecting. Prior to the introduction of the Dell XPS 13 the Archer D7 was rock solid - I hadn't had to touch it in 6 months.

    When it crashes the bottom 4 lights are switched on solid: Wireless, Internet, ADSL, Power. All other devices on the network are also disconnected (ie the network doesn't become hidden, it dies).

    The only remedy appears to be a reboot.

    I flashed the beta firmware on my Archer D7, and reset it to factory settings, but the issue is not solved. Wifi keep crashing, it seems to crash more than before.
    If it could help you investigate the problem, I've installed Killer Adapter driver release

    Now I reverted to firmware version Archer D7(EU)_V1_160216, and found a workaround configuration that worked for some hours without wifi crash. I connected the Dell XPS 13 9360 on 5GHz network, and set the router in mode ac only, no other device is connected on this network. I keep you informed if this configuration continues working.
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    I experienced the same issues with an xps 13 (9360), and I too, have an Archer D7. I believe it is unlikely to be your modem / router. After 181 days, 81 emails, uncounted hours on the telephone with Dell "technicians" in SE Asia, twice shipping the laptop to them for repairs, my wife now has a working laptop.

    The final solution was replacing was replacing the "Killer 1535" card with an intel card and reinstalling the OS. My search of the internet found hundreds of similar problems with the same xps 13 going back to 2013, including some xps 15's. Notice that the new Dells are shipping with the intel card. In my opinion, you should persist with Dell, TP-Link wasn't the cause of my problem and they did try to help. Also, I am not connected with TP-Link and these comments are my own. Good luck with your issue.

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    Is there a new Firmware-Beta ? - Because i use the beta that was released in January...
    I use this> http://static.tp-link.com/ArcherC7v2_en_eu_up.zip

    Anybody know's something about a new-beta version?
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    Exclamation Any Update??


    I just received my Dell XPS 13 9360 laptop with the Killer Wireless 1535 and have been using my TP-Link Archer C7 with ZERO issues until now.

    Details for the router:
    Firmware Version: 3.15.1 Build 160719 Rel.57530n
    Hardware Version: Archer C7 v2 00000000

    I have updated the Killer drivers to dated 2/12/2017. After a certain amount of time, the "status" LED on my router goes constant (not flashing) and internet to entire network crashes. I have to reset the router and it works for a short amount of time. I tried ONLY using 2.4 Ghz band and that doesn't fix it.

    Does the EU version of firmware for the router work for V2 in USA? What is the specific link of firmware, if it fixes the issue, that I should use?

    Very frustrating. Any help that could be offered would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    I too am experiencing the crashing with US version C7 v2 and Killer wireless 1535 in a Dell XPS 15 9550. I'm using only the 2.4ghz network.

    XPS came with driver version
    C7 came with firmware 3.15.1 Build 160719 Rel.57530n

    What I have tried:

    1) change wireless mode to b/g. This fixed it for me, but is obviously not ideal

    2) new firmware: I installed firmware 160511 (Rel.62683n) from here. So far the results have not been good, even with my XPS powered off.
    - logging on to the C7 is very slow
    - I can't say for sure, but it seems that wireless speed is also very slow. I see long pauses when attempting to access websites using my phone
    - at least once the C7 wireless as crashed (again, with the XPS powered down)

    3) I grabbed a Killer driver update from Dell which installed, but this didn't help. Also strange how the version went from 12 down to 4 with an "update". I plan on trying the version from the Killer support site

    I contacted Killer Wireless tech support. They said the burden of the fix falls on TP-Link, which seems reasonable. No matter how nefarious, a network card should not be able to take down a arouter

    Hopefully this is resolved soon or this router is going back to Amazon.

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    Having this same issue with the C5, will the C7 beta firmware work in the C5?

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    Have you guys tried the newest beta that was released 2 weeks ago, to see if this is fixed ?

    Newest Beta > 170419

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    What happened to the Firmware download for C7 v3? The official support page no longer has an option to download firmware. There is an option to download firmware for V1, V2, and V4? BTW, when did V4 come out and does it fix the issues with Killer Wi-Fi adapters?

    UPDATE: The old Firmware d/l is showing again for the C7 v3 and there is no longer a V4 showing as an option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Archer77 View Post
    Have you guys tried the newest beta that was released 2 weeks ago, to see if this is fixed ?

    Newest Beta > 170419
    Do you have a download link to that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zsgm02 View Post
    Do you have a download link to that?
    Hello, have you looked here?http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread....be-choosed-now

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    Quote Originally Posted by timi View Post
    There we go! Thanks, much appreciated.

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    I'm having this same issue with the Archer C5 hardware v1.0. Is there an updated firmware available for that product, too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rapollock View Post
    I'm having this same issue with the Archer C5 hardware v1.0. Is there an updated firmware available for that product, too?
    Sorry but this topic is only for C7.

    You may open a new separate ticket in other Topic.
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    This still doesn't work on my V2 C7 - is there another firmware coming that fixes the problem?

    Killer N/A/C 1535 and dropped connections every 20 minutes is killing me...

    Does the Beta EU firmware apply also to US (I'm guessing no, but has someone tried?)

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    Thumbs up Still problems

    Unfortionaly I also have to confirm;
    When running latest drivers from the killer network site, and connecting to 2.4GHz band that causes network freeze (restart of a router is required).
    It drives me nuts!! I am seriously considering changing Archer C7 v2 for another brand that will work!

    Wifi card: Killer network 1525Diver Date 8.04. 2017
    Diver Version

    Router: Archer C7 v2
    Firmware Version: 3.15.1 Build 160616 Rel.44182n
    Hardware Version: Archer C7 v2 00000000

    Oh, and also. Recently we encounter some random wifi drops, where there isn't a killer network device in the area. Looks like Killer network cards+drivers+TP-link drivers are just a top of the iceberg.


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