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    hi guys,
    has anyone tried installing the D7 beta patch on their device running 160216 firmware ? because i cant seem to install the beta .

    My D7 is constantly freezing and I'm at my wits end now.

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    Its for D7 V1's that use the European model Firmware ( incl . OZ ) ....you don't give ANY info in your post so kinda hard to help.....

    Try installing the latest Official Firmware 1st for your region , if not already done...

    all make sure you have the latest Killer Drivers installed if this is your issue...


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    Latest firmware for V4 "RU" still 20170306. After updating Killer drivers to latest and disabling SPI in router settings (to reduce processor load at least to 30% while idle) seems router more stable, at least not instantly hangs on using uTorrent. But yesterday WiFi stopped working properly (HP Elitebook 8730W "No internet connection") while directly connected desktop had internet connection. Self fixed by router restart. Devices: 2 Xiaomi smartphones, Android TV "X96 mini" (cable connection), Elitebook 8730W, desktop on Gigabyte H170-Gaming 3 motherboard (cable connection). And many WiFi devices around not logged in (neighbors).

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    Same problem on Archer D5

    I have the same problem with an Archer D5 (hw v1, fw 0.9.1 0.8 v002e.0 Build 150526 Rel.63088n).
    Suddently, some weeks ago it started to freeze every day (some days even 3 or 4 times).

    The router is stuck.
    - wifi not visible
    - dhcp not present (if connected by cable)
    - web interface not accessible

    It restarts working (for a while) if I power-off it and power-on again.

    It's really annoying, because when I'm out of home I cannot no more access to my in home devices.

    Does the beta firmware solve the problem? And there is a beta firmware for Archer D5?


    Lear Cabrini

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    Hi, i think have the same problem with my Acer V5-591g and WR841ND... (Acer has QCA61x4a too)
    However my router only crashes when i uploading big data (4-5MB+) to google/ google drive, or when win10 update is searching. But i can upload big data to other sites and no crash, same when i use the laptop normally (no big uploadings)
    I saw the beta firmware, but unfortunately my router is V10. Is it possible to get a fw for this version?

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    Junior Member truonggiaco is on a distinguished road
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    H́nh như TP-Link có vấn đề giải quyết vấn đề WIFI 5G, bạn t́m hiểu xem. Ḿnh không rơ có thể giải quyết được hay không v́ ḿnh chưa thử

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    Junior Member truonggiaco is on a distinguished road
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    Phần mềm BETA là một phiên bản phần mềm Hoa Kỳ, mọi người ở Hoa Kỳ đều có thể nâng cấp nhưng dù sao nó c̣n đang được thử nghiệm


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