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    Problem betwwen Wi-Fi and wired connection in a WR 814 N router

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    I am using an HP 4380 Wi-Fi printer wirelessly connected to a WR841N router.
    When I try to print, if my laptop is also wirelessly connected to the WR841N everything goes fine.
    If, after having the laptop connected wirelessly to the WR841N, I change the location of the laptop so that it joins another AP (I have 4 Router/APs at my place, all connected by Ethernet links to the Internet router), printing is not possible and the printer is shown as disconnected, until I disconnect the laptop for some minutes or I move it far enough from the WR841N that the Wi-Fi link is too weak.
    If, when starting the laptop, after being off for a while, it connects to a different AP, printing goes fine.
    Any hints on how to solve this question?
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    May be the print utility on your laptop or the printer itself remember the connection or "network location" of your laptop, so when changing the location of the laptop, it just can't detect the printer until you start all this over and search the printer again.
    Above all, i think you'd better have a try to contact the technical support team of HP.

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    I think the problem is with the router.
    The laptop uses SNMP queries to contact the printer.
    When the laptop and the printer are connected to the WR841N Wi-Fi network, everything is fine. The laptop issues SNMP requests and receives the replies.
    If the laptop is connected to another AP, the SNMP queries reach the WR841N via one of the ports of its Ethernet switch and the laptop also receives the replies.
    If the laptop is connected to the WR841N Wi-Fi network (with the printer working ok) and the laptop is moved to a different location in the house, that makes the laptop connect to a different AP (even if it remain within range of the WR841N (-70 dbm for example)), the laptop continues to issue the SNMP requests but there are no replies. The situation recovers if I put to sleep the laptop for a few minutes and resume it connected to another AP or if the location of the laptop is far enough so that the WR841N cannot hear it (-90 dbm for example) (allowing the WR841N to forget it).
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    This thread was started in this forum by mistake and was restarted at the 300 Mbps forum.


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