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    Exclamation Broadband Router TL-ER5120 need to configure in domain environment

    Model : TL-ER5120

    Hardware Version : 2.0

    Firmware Version : 108 Build 20140212 Rel 36037

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    At my work we have a domain server and i need to configure TL-ER5120 to work as firewall instead of our ISA firewall
    any help
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    model : TL-ER5120
    ver : 2.0
    firm ver : 108 Build 20140212 rel 36037

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    hey dude, what do you mean by saying "work as firewall instead of ISA firewall"? If you tell us some details, maybe we can help you

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    i have an old microsoft isa 2004 need it just for spread internet not to work as fire wall
    i need thebroadband ton work the same. i gave it static ip and put it on line and configured 3 broadband internet.
    the problem is i can't spread internet to many users.
    if i connect one pc tp lan output it works fine but if i connected to switch there is no internet

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    how can i configur it as a gateway


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