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    Name:  FirmwareVersion PL8010.JPG
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Size:  10.9 KB That´s what I got after the firmware upgrade on my PL8010Ps

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    I cant seem to get the atached firmwares to work for PA8010P for UK - got it working for my PA8030P using the UK files.

    Any tips on how to get it working for the PA8010P UK? each time i try variations i get upgrade failed

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    not sure my posts are working?

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    Us pib

    I am looking for US PIB, after reading all the info the EU version have been updated to 2.4 but US is still listed as

    TL-PA8030P(US)_V1_160328 -
    TL-PA8010P KIT(US)_V1_150306

    After reading through the 6 pages it looks like its easy enough, but its states I need a PIB for US, preferably one made for 2.2 or above.

    Both the ones listed above dont give a version number for the PIB like everyone else shows.
    I looked into editing the PIB but thats above me.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    I just tried posting, but looking for a PIB for the US for 2.2 or above, cant seem to find one, I can only find the original PIB located in the firmware from the site.


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    Quote Originally Posted by shroeder View Post
    OK, I've added some instructions in italic in my post, about what software is needed, and what commands are to be passed. HTH.
    As for "already-made customisation for TP-Link", I'm a little bit reluctant to provide one this since it defeats the purpose of giving explanations in order for people to understand stuff they are doing but well, here it is:
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    I have used 3 different pairs of TL-PA8010P, Amazon is even sending a forth one because of all the drops (2 days ago I had lost connection to my home network, 36 times in 2h, plus 15 more during the night).

    Yesterday I flashed according your instructions, I am glad to say that I have ZERO drops in 24H, speed is down (nearly 10Mbits) , but I prefer stability.

    Again, many thanks for helping me fix my TL-PA8010P kit !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by msa6ok View Post

    I updated my 8010p and 8030p devices with beta PIBs and shroeder's2.4.0 NVM without problem.

    8010 : TL-PA8010P(EU)_170330_2.2.3_BETA with MAC-7500-v2.4.0-01-NW6__-X-CS_modules_5-6_stripped
    8030 : TL-PA8030P(EU)-170616-2.2.3-BETA with MAC-7500-v2.4.0-01-NW6__-X-CS_modules_5-6_stripped

    I used the newest TP Utility for update, reset to factory defaults. All devices are working. I will test the random disconnects and write soon.

    Attachment 6248

    Attachment 6249

    All files:
    Google Drive

    Do you mind reposting the google drive files? Link seems to be dead

    Thank you in advance.

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    I got myself a 8010 V1 EU Kit.
    Wasn't having any problem at first, then I flashed the firmware to 2.2 because of the statement "improve stability" on the description. My 8010 kit kept disconnecting after idling for a while even though I clearly turned off the power saving.
    After reading a few threads here, I flashed it again to 2.3 and it didn't gave me problem, but then again I got paranoid because a guy here somewhere wrote it's problematic
    So again I flashed it to 2.4 and voila!!! it went back to disconnecting every 30-40 min.

    And now I'm back at 2.0. hasn't been disconnected since.
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    The firware 2.4 posted by shroeder, does it work for a TL-PA8015P V2 ? Or is it only for V2 ?



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