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    Thumbs up no service no customers


    we are also very disappointed that TP-Link does not regularly release software updates for your still available Powerline adapters. We will give back our powerline adapter TL-PA8030P KIT V1 because of the bad function and the moderate data rates and change to AVM or Develo ... the Powerline adapters are at least more reliably supplied with software updates!

    Pity TP-Link, would have expected more service from you!

    Kind regards

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    Mee too. Bye TP-Link.

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    Is there a firmware version 2.4.0 for PA8010 KIT (not for PA8010P KIT)?

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    Where can I find .pib for version 2.2.x TPLINK PA8010 (EU) (not for PA8010P (EU))?
    The TPLINK site has only QCA7500-WallAdapter-HomePlugAV_CE-ClassB_8010_151208_002.pib (for UK) and QCA7500-WallAdapter-HomePlugAV_CE-ClassB_8010_150916_001.pib (for US) and they are for versions

    Can I flash my PA8010EU (not PA8010P) with the .pib file from PA8010UK v. and .nvm file TL-PA8010P (EU) -170330-2.4.0-BETA \ MAC-7500-v2.4.0-01-NW6__ -X-CS_modules_5-6_stripped?

    I need your help!

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    Martha321, thanks, but the site http://tp-link-support.de/firmware/ has firmware only for PA8010P (EU), I need firmware for PA8010 (EU).

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    Same firmware for PA8010 and PA8010P.

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    The firmware is the same, but .pib is different, I compared the same firmware versions 2.0.0 PA8010 and PA8010P - the .pib files are very different, and the .nvm files are the same
    Compare yourself: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sEIUxyserrvL1B0L9qpKHdG5n4hCwrl1

    p.s. For the firmware, do I need to change the .pib under my MAC?
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    Where I can get this last one? Link of schroeder don't works...


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