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    Intermittent client disconnect issues on Archer C3200

    Model : Archer C3200

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version : 0.9.1 0.1 v004b.0 Build 160704 Rel.56586n

    ISP : [/COLOR] -

    I have a persistent random disconnect that occurs individually on wired and wireless clients within my network. The problem client will display a loss of internet connection error. All other clients on the network continue to maintain access to the internet during this issue. We have confirmed we maintain connection to the ISP and the 'outage' is between the client and the router.

    The problem client displays the orange triangle/exclamation point over the LAN adapter icon in the system tray. When you access the router home page from this machine during the error the 'basic' 'network map' shows loss of connection to the internet. However, I can still ping the router at from the problem computer. I can typically resolve the issue by either rebooting the problem machine or using the CMD prompt and IPCONFIG /release/renew to re-set the adapter. What is causing this intermittent issue? Have others seen this issue come up before?

    As an experiment, I have set up a static IP, outside the DHCP pool, on one of the problematic clients. If this machine does not experience a similar internet 'outage' over the next few days this would tell me there is something wrong with the DHCP process in the router? What am I missing here? Do you think this will work?
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    Maybe. Also, you need to check that when you lose connection on your computer, what about the router?
    When you login the router's home page, could you find any IP address for the internet interface?
    And you can go to Advanced -> System Tools -> Diagnostic, type in a domain name such as google.com into the ping box, then click Start to make a ping.
    If it succeeds, then it seems something wrong with the DHCP server of the router. If it isn't, then it seems another issue with the internet interface of the router.

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    I've not made any further changes since my initial post. However, now the ENTIRE LAN is loosing connection with the internet in the same random, intermittent manner. Some clients display an orange triangle on the network connection and others show a connection. However, ALL clients can't access the internet now. I can ping the router and the router home page shows a disconnect from the internet. I can't ping my ISP during this outage or any other IP outside the LAN. Resetting the adapters via the ipconfig /renew does not have any impact on the outage. After a period of 2-10 mins, internet access is mysteriously restored to the entire LAN. This is happening 2-5x EVERY DAY at random intervals.

    This router is only 4 months old....I'm now suspecting I have a bad unit. What should I do to initiate a warranty replacement?

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    Wow! I just chatted with the TP Link 'Live Chat' and was told the C3200 can only support EIGHT wired or wireless clients and it's NORMAL for the C3200 to SHUT DOWN if this limit is exceeded. If this is true I'm stunned that I paid good $ for a tri-band router that can only support eight devices. This can't be correct. We'll see if I actually get a replacement unit.

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