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Thread: IFTTT Channel?

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    Now we know TP-link aren't going to support IFTTT I had a search around and found Stringify, TP-link kasa is supported currently as a beta but it does seem to work.Sometimes the app is a bit sticky and slow to update but I've linked all of my plugs are they seem to be working.Had to delete and recreate one of the "flows" as it didn't work first time around but seems ok now.

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    IFTTT Lack of support

    I think what is really disappointing as a customer is that TPLink staff have not had the decency to state 'No, we will unfortunately not be supporting IFTTT". Instead they strung us along. Well lesson learnt, once bitten etc.

    Another App that works with these plugs is Yeti by Netbeast. It's a bit raw but is being developed and good responsive support. It's definitely worth a look.

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    Wink Good News !

    I have some good news here... no thanks to TP-Link but thanks go to Yonomi who will now support TP-Link devices at the end of this month. Their app is very good, I have been using it for months, give it a go.

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    NewEgg put the dual pack on sale again for $40... I was going to pick one up, but without the IFTTT, I am holding out on something else...

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    Looks like this thread is dead. I, for one, am glad to see it go as IFTTT is beginning to be officially supported. Thank you TP-link folks, I knew you could figure it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DFSNapa View Post
    as IFTTT is beginning to be officially supported
    Where is this from, Nothing on my side?

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    Ok. So my first IFTTT to have my Arlo security camera trigger on motion my HS200 light wont work.Error code in the IFTTT logs are Applet Failed, “There is a problem with the Arlo Service”.Ive attempted with my HS100 plugs and also attempted to trigger a scene to activate. All with same error. Anyone else with same problem. Maybe a recent change TP-Link made that is killing the IFTTT applets?

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    Did you try to use Arlo security camera trigger another brand device or other function provided by IFTTT? If only failed to trigger kasa device, just contact with tp-link support team.


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