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Thread: IFTTT Channel?

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    didmonk - that's worrying. I received another response from support as below:

    "Our smart plug is a new product, and it just came to market in the middle of last year. Then, we started to receive customer feedback, and decided to design smart plug to support IFTTT. This process may last for several months. And our technicians now are trying their best to develop the products. We are not sure when it will be available for IFTTT. Sorry about the delay. "

    This worries me even more... it appears they may be suggesting that they need to develop a new version of plug to support IFTTT, if so, that would leave all of us with plugs that don't work with IFTTT. I have have asked them the question... and if that is the case, mine are going straight back.

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    Well I thankfully got some clarity from their support, firmware update:

    I mean our technicians will carry out a firmware for current smart plugs to make them to support IFTTT in the future. But we are really not sure when they could release the firmware. Sorry about that."

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    If not IFTTT then how about opening up the API so customers can make REST calls themselves?

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    Quite how difficult this is for them bemuses me. I see they released an app update recently in time Google Home. It's a real shame they are ignoring customers who will no doubt migrate away to Wemo or the like.

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    After asking the question again.... just received the same standard..."please go away" response:

    Dear Dean,
    Many thanks for your valuable reply.
    I am so sorry for the waiting!
    I consulted the engineer about this issue, but the IFTTT is still on the way but there is no accurate date.
    Really so sorry and thank you for your understandind.

    > Hi,
    > Two months on and customers are still unaware of any intentions from TPLink
    > to provide IFTTT access. This will ultimately be damaging for your product
    > as customers choose to purchase alternatives that do support IFTTT and will
    > feedback via internet reviews and forums.
    > Do you have any confirmed time line to introduce IFTTT ?, if not this
    > unfortunately demonstrates a lack of intention to do so on your behalf.
    > Thanks

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    Honestly, how hard can this be?

    There is no question that the folks at tp-link are smart, but if they don't keep up, we will have another Palm Pilot/Zune on our hands. Yikes!

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    I could see from the forum that IFTTT was on its way and for Christmas got myself 6 plugs and 4 bulbs, added more since, Its payday this Friday and I am NOT buying any more till this major feature gap is filled. Really wishing i had gone with another provider at this point.

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    Completely agree, luckily I only have 5 plus but wish I gone the Wemo route now, which I will do. This clearly shows to me that TP-Link do not care about customers and providing a good customer service. Adding an IFTTT service delivers no immediate monetary value to them in their view I suspect, this is short sighted as longer term they will lose customers and tarnish their reputation as they have done with us. Failing to see the opportunity and deliver value to your customers is starting on the route to business suicide. Investing all your time and effort in a £300 smart router that nobody wants whilst ignoring existing customers and they are well down that route for me in the smart home arena.

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    If IFTTT is critical you can use them with AutomationManager, you can read about it by clicking on my posting name and then profile or home page.

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    Here for the same thing as well. I also spoke to tech support and got a very similar answer and that it is on it's way but no time scale. I was apparently added to a mailing list for when it becomes available.Not holding my breath though.

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    You are wise not to hold your breath, you'd break all records if you managed it given that TP-Link have been 'looking at this' for some 9 months or more. What they are really saying is 'we know about it, but won't pay for it because we don't really care so no timescales'

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    My girlfriend bought me two of these plugs for my birthday. Imation how upset I was when I found out they didnít support IFTTT.

    As far as I see it, it makes these plugs a complete waste of her money. I wish she bought the D-link ones.

    Just making the team aware that IFTTT is a key selling point for automation. So I will give it a few months and if I donít see IFTTT support I will look at different products and sell these on ebay while they are still worth something.

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    Talking Found this

    Whilst waiting on support again I found this http://www.tp-link.com/us/support/ifttt-compatibility/ link to a tp-link page showing which of their products are IFTTT compatible, so they do have an IFTTT channel just not for the HS100 etc products.Anyone have any of these items can check it out?

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    Latest from tech support

    Just received the following reply from tech support after asking them to check with the higher ups."Thanking you very much for your chat requesting information about our product. This is Rose, and Iíve checked the issue with seniors today.But sorry to tell you that our Smart Plugs doesnít support IFTTT and currently we donít have any plan for IFTTT with the Smart Plug yet."So again contradictory to what I and many others have been told about it being in progress.Think it's time to cut the losses and dump TP-link in favour of someone doing it properly.

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    If you're ready to pack it in anyway let me pitch an alternative - my (paid) app extends the tp-link device capabilities over that provided by kasa, including IFTTT integration. You'll find a description linked in my signature and I'm happy to answer any questions.


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