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    How to set up 'Away' mode for LB120 (and similar smart bulbs) using Kasa app

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    Can someone please provide steps to set up 'Away' mode for LB120 using Kasa app in iOS and Android phones. Thanks!

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    I would like to echo this - the literature says that there is an "Away" mode, but the app merely shows "Schedule" and "Power usage", while the HS-100 plug actually has an "Away" mode.

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    I am also very interested in this feature

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    I would also like to see the "Away" mode added to the smart bulbs. Seems to be that this feature would be used more for the smart bulbs then the smart plugs. Would also like to see the Timer feature added to the smart bulbs that is available with the HS110 smart plug.

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    I am also very interested in this feature

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    Any update on this?

    I also need the AWAY feature implemented on the Smart Bulbs!

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    With this new feature we can do nothing

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    it seems that smart bulb doesn't support away mode, but we can submit a feedback to TP-LINK support


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