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    M7350 EU V3 can't work in Italy, Spain

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    My M7350 (EU V3) had been working fine in Singapore with telcos, M1 & Starhub.

    As I was going to Spain, Gibraltar & Portugal, I bought a data roaming service from M1, configured it to only Vodafone network as per M1's instruction. When I stopped over at Milan for an hour yesterday, all my family's devices can connect to the M7350 but it just won't connect us into the Internet.

    On landing at Barcelona 2 hrs later, it still will not route and I had to transfer my M1 SIM to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and setup for the tethering and all my devices were connecting fine the whole day.

    Now, I transfer back the SIM to the M7350 and it still won't work. Went to www.tp-link.com/en/download/M7350_V3.htm#Firmware and confirm that I am using the latest 30/03/16 M7350(EU)_V3_160330 firmware version 1.1.1 (as seen in tpMiFi apps). It still will not work.

    Logging in using my laptop, I checked the log and "Connect to IPv4 network failed, start autoconnect". As the password in the APN for Vodafone is hidden, there is no way for me to try to create a new APN and maybe set for IPv6 etc. or other troubleshooting.

    I am surprised that it been 9 months after the latest firmware update and no one seems to face and report this problem. I am heading to Gilbratar and Portugal and I believe it will be the same problem.

    Please fix this problem, TP-Link. Thank you.

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    I think it is hard to collect all APN information all over the world, because ISP may change their APN information time to time. I think your problem could be solved if you get APN information from ISP in the country you stay.


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