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    Smart Bulbs for Outside Use in New England

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    I was wondering if anyone in New England has one of the smart bulbs installed for an outdoor porch light. Seems like the temperature range is not quite good enough to cover our New England weather (Operating Temperature: -20 C~ 40 C (-4F ~ 104F )) for the LB120. I only have two wire circuits in my home so trying to avoid the Electrician cost to pull new wires to the switches so was looking for the "smarts" in the bulb. Hoping TP-LINK can advance this technology a bit with a slightly wider temperature range in the future.


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    I've had 2 LB120 bulbs outside my front door since Thanksgiving (inside a very basic lamp fixture, not exposed directly to the elements)

    I'm in northwest NJ, I've had temps below 20 F a few times but nothing sustained, and everything seems fine (my one issue is more with Kasa, one bulb goes missing from the app even though it still keeps the schedule I set). I know this is still within the stated parameters for the bulb but our below zero temps don't usually hit until Feb or March, fingers crossed that everything remains fine if and when the mercury dips that low.

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    Thanks for the response. That is encouraging to hear. Keep me posted if you can as the temperatures continue to fall.

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    I'm in Winnipeg Canada and have a LB100 outside in a semi-enclosed fixture... I'll post back if we have any problems... Currently it's -20 degrees celsius.... I'm banking on that the specs usually err on the conservative side.

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    Quick update since it is now back to thawing temperatures for a week... so far so good... the bulb has worked fine in some very cold temperatures... up to -27C with a strong wind.

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    I don't have TP-Link bulbs, just smart plugs. I have old K&T wiring and enclosed fixtures on my front and back porches. I have a Cree Connected smart bulb in the back and an Osram Lightify in the front. I have not had any problems here in Upstate NY down to the single digits. The drawback is that they require a hub (I have a Wink). I'm very happy with them set to come on just before sunset, dim to 20% at 11PM, and turn off at sunrise. I also have Geofencing with the Wink app, so the lights come on full when I get home.


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