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    I cannot access the internet or other PCs on my network whilst using my 1024D

    Region : UnitedKingdom

    Model : TL-SG1024D

    Hardware Version : V3

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : BT

    Since this evening I have lost the ability to connect to the internet OR to any other device on my network whilst connected to my unmanaged switch.

    Can anyone help me with this serious issue?

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    For unmanaged switch series, it just works to expand your ports to access, you can use your PC to connect BT hub directly then validate the Internet connection.

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    When I hook up myTL-SF1024 to my Apple time capsule router the switch doesn't allow the correct router addresses
    and becomes a non-switch just a brick and does not allow devices connected access to internet
    A 8 port Zonet switch works perfectly. What do I have to do with the 24 port Tp-Link to make it work?
    The LEDs seem to indicate all is OK but it is NOT working as a switch?

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    I have a TL-SF1024M, when I connect my router from LAN port to the switch it cuts off both my main 2.4g and 5g wireless signal???


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