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    FRUSTRATED! I have been working with email support for nearly three weeks and things still do not work. I have read the threads. Firmware 1.1.2. distance to AP 1m. Ports forwarded etc... They did work for about 6 months then just quit. They work locally (which has no value to me) but I seriously need remote access which is why I purchased them. I get the same errors, Says device not binded and on another page says device has no internet access. No Internet Access??? Who has no access, the device or my iPhone? Has anyone gotten past this problem and if so how. How can I get to someone that can help me get them working? tnx
    Once I got my issue moved to an Engineer things proceeded quickly. It seems the problem is my LinkSys WRT1900AC Router. I have swizzled every option on every page and still could not get the SmartPlugs to work. I substituted a LinkSys WRT1200AC Router and everything started working. I know that does not tell us what really happened but SmartPlugs are working now. It appears the WRT1900 is blocking access to the Cloud even though ports are forwarded and firewalls turned off for testing. It was working, then quit, so something died in my router I guess. I'm just sorry it was almost three weeks before my case got escalated.

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    Once I finally got referred to Engineering, my problem was solved very quickly. The Engineering level support is excellent. In my case I had been using a Linksys WRT-1900. When I switched to the WRT-1200 everything started working correctly. Engineering asked to look at the WRT-1900 config file. They reported back there was a problem with the DNS-1 I was using. Bottom line, great support at Engineering level and everything works now.


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