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    TL-SG108 No internet access

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    I have latest BT hub with Infinity 2 and with NAS, TV streaming box, Apple TV plugged into it hub all is working fine. But once I plug those items into TK-SG108 and then one Ethernet cable from that to hub, nothing can see internet. Wireless items (iphone) can see internet fine, just nothing wired into TL-SG108! Any help appreciated. Stew.

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    Could you describe more clear about 'Nothing can see internet'? Whether if you could get ip address for wired device? TL-SG108 is just an unmanaged switch, if it cannot still work. You could test like BT hub--TL-SG108---PC, and see whether if your PC could surf the internet.

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    you must reset moden. ok
    CHNH SCH để LM ĐẠI L bn bun quần o lt HOẶC bạn sẽ LẤY gi SỈ đồ lt gi rẻ HNG CỤ THỂ sẽ như l xưởng may đồ lt cao cấp ton quốc đ

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    This unmanaged switch question should not be listed in these Smart Switch forum section.

    The first step to find answers is to look in the forum corresponding to your gear, ok?
    Owns many great TP-Link's gear including GbSwitch SG1024DE, Powerline AV200-AV1200, Routers N/AC... but the SG108EV2 switch is NOT one of them!


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