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    TL-ANT2424B set-up

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    So my sister got me this antenna for xmas, what would i need to hook it up to send a signal to a different location.
    Any ideas and help will be greatly appreciated.

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    2424b setup

    You will need a short piece of cable, tp link ANT24PT3. I don't know which brand of router or access point u may own. Some have TNC connectors others have sma. If the router is tp link your good to go with the coax I described.
    That antenna should be placed outside for performance

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    Most important beside the pigtail mentioned by kevsh you would need the same - or at least a similar - antenna like TL-ANT2424B on the other side of the link to be able to communicate over long distances. If the link is over a short distance only, you probably can receive weaker signals sent by some other antennas, but to make use of the power and reception sensitivity of TL-ANT2424B it's best to use two of them at each side of the link.


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