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    VR900 and Google via Android

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    I have searched for an answer to this query without success. If I've missed something and anyone can direct me to the relevant thread it would be much appreciated.

    I have recently switched from BT to SSE as my BB provider. I had been using my Archer VR900 very happily on the BT connection. When the switchover happened I connected via the VR900 to the SSE network and everything worked fine, including my old BT YouView box, apart from one strange anomaly: I could not connect to Google services from any Android device in the house. Although computers - both Windows PCs and a MacBook - and my daughter's iPhone could connect without problems, neither our Android phones nor the two Chromecasts we have in the house would connect to Google services, although other apps and connections were absolutely fine. I cleared the cache on each device, uninstalled and reinstalled the relevant apps, even reset one of the phones, without success. I have reluctantly replaced the TP-LINK router with the one SSE supplied, and everything now works fine.

    Has anyone come across this type of issue before? I would prefer not to have to stick with the SSE-supplied router.

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