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    TL-MR6400 adsl backup

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    Hello good forum,
    how can i setup my TL-MR6400 like a line backup of my adsl considering that the italian adsl is with a router "Alice" that can't configuring nothing of interesting ... so i have only the possibility to configure my TL-MR6400 .... can someone suggest to me a good idea or a trick fir this pourpose ...
    thanks a lot ...
    PS: i'm italian and i'm sorry for the bad english :-)

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    Hi, what you should do is put connect the adsl router to your mr200 by LAN cable, ( into Lan port 4, which is labelled Lan/WAN), this will supply mr 200 with internet. Then log into the MR200 and switch Operation Mode to Wireless Router, ie go to Advanced- Network-Internet. This will turn your adsl router to a modem and you can go ahead and browse through your Mr200.


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