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    Disable IGMP snooping for TL-SG108 ?

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    I'm not seeing a software configuration utility for the switch I purchased. If I'm overlooking it, please point me toward it.

    Thank you in advance!

    What do I need it for?
    I'm looking for information on disabling IGMP snooping for the following switch:

    TL-SG108 v1.3
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    There is no way to disable it. It is just an unmanaged switch which couldn't make any change. And i cannot see any utility for this switch, where could you find it?

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    TL-SG108 is a plug-n-play easy switch not the smart version. No login and no tool.
    Keep that unit as a spare and go buy a switch that has a "E" like TL-SG108E_V3: the newest 8 port type, yet V2 is the most common out there.
    Owns many great TP-Link's gear including GbSwitch SG1024DE, Powerline AV200-AV1200, Routers N/AC... but the SG108EV2 switch is NOT one of them!


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