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    VLAN on SG 1024 DE does not work

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    I tried to configure an 802.1q VLAN on an TL -SG 1024 Switch.

    (First I red all TP-Link tutorials about VLAN configuration.)

    The switch (Switch no.1) is directly connected to main router at Port 4 (Internet) and provides internet to devices from main network.
    Also the switch is connected to other switch through Port 2 (which is set as Trunk and tagged - this may be not important because my VLAN is set only on Switch no.1).

    My VLAN uses Port 12.

    The purpose of this VLAN:At Port 12 is connected another router (TP-Link 841) which creates a subnetwork.This router is used only for wireless users.The wireless users must access Internet but must not scan the main network or ping an device from main network.
    For this purpose I set VLANS as follows:
    VLAN 1:default. Ports 1-24 untagged.
    VLAN 2:Internet: Port 2:Tagged ,Ports 1,3-24 Untagged . Created to allow devices from VLANS to connect to Internet.
    VLAN 8 (for my purpose) :Port 4 (Internet),Port 12 (wireless subnetwork router) Both ports untagged.
    PVID :Port 4:PVID=2 ,Port 12:PVID=8 , Port 2 (Trunk) :PVID = 1 ,Other Ports which don't belong to other VLANS :PVID = 1.

    After configuration I connected a laptop to my wireless network and made a network mapping.
    I see the shares and devices from main network and even the ping to a device from main network was succesful.The VLAN didn't work.

    What was wrong?

    Thank You.

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    All the devices in your topology can get to the Internet? And they can communicate with each other?

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    Hi dude,

    maybe you can try this:
    VLAN 1: default port 1-24 untagged
    VNAN 2: (another switch)Port 2 tagged; port 4 untagged(Internet)
    VLAN 8: (for your purpose): Port 4(Internet); port 12(wireless router) Both untagged
    PVID: Port4: PVID=1, Port12: PVID=8, Port2: PVID=2, other ports which don't belong to other VLANs: PVID=1


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