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    Post TP-LINK Smart Plug/Bulb FEATURE WISHLIST (Mobile & Web)

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    I am a software engineer with over 30 years experience in the field and I currently develop Ruby on Rails web applications as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android.

    To: The TP-LINK staff

    I have been using TP-LINK Smart Plugs for a while now. This is a list of prioritized features that would make this a much better product offering. Hopefully this thread will spawn some useful discussion and will make its way to the product managers and technical team for inclusion in the near future.

    Mobile App Enhancements
    1. In the schedule page, PLEASE, PLEASE order the entries by day-of-week and then by time-of-day. Currently it is just ordered by time-of-day which is infuriating when you are looking for an entry in a complex list of actions.

    2. The sunset/sunrise schedule feature is really cool. Just missing one major feature - Allow the user to specify a "sunrise + <some-time>" and "sunset + <some time>" schedule on/off event. For example "sunset + 1 hour" or "sunset + 123 minutes" schedule entry. As the seasons progress managing the schedules is an ongoing pain as sunrise and sunset change every day.

    3. In the home screen, allow the user to order the devices. I suggest adding an "Edit/Save" button that adds left side "grab handles (looks like the standard hamburger icon) " so each entry can be dragged up or down to the desired position.

    4. Native support for iPad form factor

    Hopefully this will help you with some user feedback for your product roadmap.

    If you would like to discuss this with me further, please feel free to reach out to me.


    Jon Marinello
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    Post Forgot the Web feature

    I forgot to mention in a earlier post that it would be really helpful to have Web access to my TP-LINK smart plugs. That is, a TP-LINK website that authenticates (2-phase please) me and then allows me to manage all my smart plugs.

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    Does anyone from TP-LINK read these posts?

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    Hi jonmarinello, yeah we have got your idea. thanks for your feedback.
    for the issue you mentioned:
    1. day-of-week feature ,actually we have this feature. in schedule setting page, there is option named "repeating every: S M T W T F S" that is day-of-week
    2. suggestion about sunset/sunrise , that is cool suggestion , will consider it.
    3. also a cool suggestion.
    thanks for your valuable feedback again~

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    Hi Barry,

    Thanks for getting back to me. On number 1, That's not what I meant. The problem isn't that I want to repeat on days. Its single day entries that I want to manually created. They are out of order because they are sort by time first instead of day of week. Make sense?

    Thanks for the feedback on #2 and #3. Did you also see the web request?



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    Junior Member CoyoteBob is on a distinguished road
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    Jon, all of your suggestions are great! I especially like the ability to turn the switch on XX minutes after sunset. I have this feature in some of the X10 programs I have. I'm trying to transition from X10 to WiFi smart plugs and have purchased 4 or the TP-Link HS110 plugs. Hopefully TP-Link/Kasa will take your suggestions seriously and get them implemented sooner rather than later.

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    Due to things I won't go into here, I wound up with a smartplug named "Zap". Which is one of the frequently used ones, and wound up on the bottom, meaning I had to scroll down in the app to access it. I put a period in front-".Zap"- and it moved to the top. Alexa ignores the "." I haven't played around but maybe adding numerals or other characters would change the display order.
    Although I offer this as a work-around, I concur that the ability to re-order items in the app would be useful and I would also like to see this feature added.

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    It would be great to get a definite statement from TP-Link on if and when each of the features described in this thread will be made available (i.e., roadmap).

    Also, it would be great to get many of the users on this board to read through these features and chime in on them and their desire for them!

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    Hey, barry.yang

    any progress made on these feature requests?


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