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    Antenna for AC1750 router

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    I have 2 external antennas (TL-ANT2408C) on my AC1750 router. These anteanna were very helpful on an older TPlink router that I recently replaced with the AC1750.
    I am new to AC/5ghz wifi and don't know about antenna issues/needs.

    I just added 2 new Ipads to my network (they support AC wifi) so was looking for an antenna similar to the (TL-ANT2408C) that would support 5ghz/AC on the AC1750.

    Does TP link have such a product? Advice or suggestions?


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    Antenna for AC1750 router

    Hi interresting antenna you have,can you ad a link to seller of the antenna ? Is the measurements on the antenna pics for cutting in mm,i think it is but just to be sure,thx.

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    The AC1750 aka Archer C7 has 6 antennas, 3 for each frequency band. The external antennas of the Archer C7 are for 5 GHz only, the antennas for 2.4 GHz are inside the router's case and cannot be detached. Since TL-ANT2408C are antennas for 2.4 GHz, you cannot use them to replace the external antennas.

    Actually, the standard 5 GHz antennas of the Archer are pretty good and fit to the WiFi adapter's electrical specifications, so I wouldn't replace them. If you experience bad link quality between devices and the Archer, choose a better mounting position of the WiFi router instead of trying to compensate using external antennas. For best results in the 5 GHz band there should be almost no obstacles (e.g. free line of sight) between sender and receiver.
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