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    Smart Switches, VLANs, and DHCP Relay

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    Please bear with me as VLANs are a fairly new concept for me...

    I have 2 TL-SG2452 switches (T1600G-52TS) running the latest firmware (1.01_20151031), as well as several UniFi UAPs. On the APs I have two SSIDs configured: one for staff and one for guests. What I'm wanting to do is put the guest traffic on its own VLAN so it will get a separate DHCP scope from everything else on the network.

    On switch 1 (main CER) I created a new VLAN and tagged it on port 1 (link to switch 2) as well as ports 25-28 (UAPs). On switch 2 I created the same VLAN ID and tagged port 2 (uplink to switch 1) and ports 45-48 (UAPs). In the UniFi controller I set my guest SSID to use the VLAN that I created.

    To test the configuration thus far, I pulled out my smartphone and connected to the guest SSID. As I expected, no IP address. I know I need to configure a DHCP relay on the switches to forward requests to the DHCP server (port 3 on switch 2). However, I can't seem to find the option in the switch GUI. According to the user guide, the DHCP Relay options should be under the Routing menu, but they're not. I have looked all over the admin interface and can't find it.

    Have I done something wrong? Is there a hidden firmware update I need that is not published on the support site? Is there a recommended workaround to get DHCP leases to this VLAN? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Yes, you need to upgrade to the latest firmware to support the DHCP Relay function.


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