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Thread: VR200 issue

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    Question VR200 issue

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    Hi folks

    I've noticed a problem for a while now with my VR200 - it's running the latest firmware (well the only firmware, doesn't look like a revised one has been released!). The issue is that I find my phone keeps losing connection if not used actively - I notice this in particular when using WhatsApp on the web, which has to connect to your phone - it keeps saying phone offline. At first I thought this was an issue with the phone, however when I've been on wifi networks in other locations there's been no such issue. It seems to only happen on this one. I've also noticed that from time to time (on multiple devices) the VR200 WiFi signal will just disappear altogether and then come back on a minute later.

    Has anyone else experienced this sort of behaviour or have any suggestions re settings that I could change to fix it?


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    No, instead I'm unable to find the WDS BRIDGE option. Do you have it?? The product specs says it has it...

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    Sorry, I returned it to Amazon after TP Link tech support weren't able to solve the issue.


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