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    TL-PS110P Not Detecting Printer.

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    We've just taken on a new customer and they have a number of datamax-oneil printers which they are connected to the network using TL-PS110P devices. They just received delivery of a new printer and we cannot get it working with the TL-PS110P.

    I have look at the settings of the working TL-PS110P and on the printer tab I can see the following:

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    The print server appears to have detected the printer on it's parallel interface, and displays it's name.

    However, when I hook up the new datamax-oneil printer (which is an M-Class Mark II DMX-M-4308) to a similar TL-PS110P, I see the following settings when I connect to the print server's web interface.

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    I have followed the setup procedure a number of times but I cant get the print server to detect the printer. Is it just that the printer is not compatible with the print server, or is there something that I am not doing?

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    TL PS110P Not Detecting Printer

    I am not sure, is this possibility being looked into? are the back issues going to have a printer friendly version for Archiving?

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    Are you able to get to the print server GUI page on your network? That's the prerequisite. Or you can ping it and see if it responds.

    After that make sure Bidirectional is turned on the Printer tab under the Setup tab. Should be Auto Detect and not Disabled.

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    Yeah, I'm able to connect to the print server GUI, and it does ping. All that is fine. It is simply the connection between the printer and the label printer that is not working. It simply does not detect it. I have to tackle this problem again shortly, so I'm just wondering if there is another label printer that I could use instead that would be compatible with the datamax DMX-M 4308 M-CLASS Mark II

    Any suggestions?

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    U may look the compatible list link below:

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    Yeah, I've checked that list Stan. The printer is not on it. But the older printer does work, and it is not on the list either. So I am expected to get this one working too!!


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