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    IFTTT compatibility

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    Hello, I tried posting this earlier but it never showed up (are these posts moderated?).. Wondering if you're ever going to provide IFTTT compatibility? LIFX bulbs offer IFTTT compatibility, but you guys don't yet. Thanks!

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    I am also interested in IFTTT compatibility.

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    I am also interested in IFTTT compatibility.

    This would be a great addition to the TP Link bulb functionality.

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    Yes, I'm also very interested in IFTTT compatibility.

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    Junior Member kawasakiguy37 is on a distinguished road
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    I am also very interested in this!

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    Same here. I think it would be a great addition.

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    IFTTT a Must

    I started the same thread over on the plug device. We really need IFTTT support TP-Link! I have 7 plugs and 7 switches and 5 bulbs so I'm invested! Works great with Alexa/Echo but I want to do control with more than just voice.


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