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    HS200 and 3-way light switch

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    I would like to install my new HS200 Smart WiFi Light Switch in my office where I currently have a 3-way light switch installed. The existing light switch has 2 black wires connected to one side and 1 red wire connected to the other side. The instructions that I've been able to find so far do not seem to accommodate this light switch setup. Does anyone know if I am able to use my HS200 to replace my existing light switch and if so how I should do that? I would prefer not to use trial and error to see if I can figure this out. :-)

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    HS200 is not compatible with 3-way switches.

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    Is there a white neutral wire in the box where you want the HS200? If so, do you know where the other 3-way light switch is? If so, you can disconnect the red wire at both ends (one end in the box where you want the HS200 and the other end in the other 3-way switch) by capping and taping them. By doing this, you are abandoning the red wire in place. Then install the HS200 by attaching the two black wires and the white neutral as described in your instructions. Your HS200 will only work when the other 3-way switch is in the "on" position. Turning that switch off will either (1) kill power to your HS200 (if the HS200 is downstream of the 3-way switch), or (2) kill power to your light -- but not the HS200 (if the HS200 is upstream from the 3-way switch).

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    Found this and tested.



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    Thank you so much for sharing this! Just ordered the parts and I'm pumped to try it.


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