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    T2600G-28TS (TL-SG3424) SFP Port shows UP-state but doesn't receive anything

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    our old switch broke down and we got a T2600-28TS as a replacement. Now the SFP port is supposed to serve a fiber cable going to another building. It's showing the state as 'UP' and is sending Packets but receiving none and thus the other side is not reachable.

    The setup is as follows:

    TL-SG3424 => D-Link DEM 311GT Tranceiver => fiber cable => D-Link DMC-700SC Media Converter => HP unmanaged Switch

    The connection is shown as working on both ends but there's no packets being received from the TP-Link Switch on the Traffic Monitor.

    The both switches have already been restarted, The TP-Link got a system reset, tried different SFP Ports but to no avail. It worked as is before, Plug and Play, with the previous one and the temporary Cisco Switch.

    Help would be much appreciated.

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    You can have a local test above the T2600 to check whether its SFP port is OK.
    Simplify your topology and have a basic test like ping with two devices.

    Another possible reason maybe the compatibility, you can contact the D-Link's Technical Supporter to find out.

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    T2600G 28TS TL SG3424 SFP Port shows UP state but doesnt receive anything

    Unless you have the fiber only switch you can use either the vcp ports on the back or for longer distances you can use the uplink module and then use either 1g or 10g sfp,s I hope this helps

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    I have the same problem like behrkat, SFP Ports show UP-state but doesn't receive anything.
    I have one new T2600G-28TS (TL-SG3424) and one old
    TL-SG3424 and 4 SFP fiber connections with 4 Mikrotik RB260GSP.

    The 4 SFP fiber connections on old TL-SG3424 are working perfectly with Mikrotik RB260GSP, but on the new switch TP-LINK T2600G-28TS I have SFP links UP but no trafic is passing the links. I tried reset, tried different types of SFP modules and all menu setting possible, but no luck.

    On the old
    TL-SG3424 it's just plug and play, I got ping on the second that I plug the sfp module in the port.

    The conclusion is that the new
    T2600G-28TS it's has a software problem that is restricting it to comunicate with other switch but TP-link brand.
    Please help, the problem is very easy to replicate.

    Thank you.

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    Simplify your topology and have a basic test like ping with two devices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaufen View Post
    Simplify your topology and have a basic test like ping with two devices.
    This was the first test I did, with only two devices:

    1. old TL-SG3424 works on fiber with Mikrotik RB260GSP with different types of SFP modules;

    2. new
    T2600G-28TS (TL-SG3424) didn't work with with Mikrotik RB260GSP, tried with all SFP modules I have, every time I got fiber link but no trafic is passing the link.

    I returned the switch (
    T2600G-28TS), got a Mikrotik 10 SFP ports instead that worked perfectly.

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    Hi there,

    This device does not send correct information for link speed negotiation. You must set port speed on both side to 1000Mb-full and will work
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