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    Post How to give my laptop more WiFi signal?

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    Hello everyone,

    To start i just want to say hello and that its good to be on this forum i might be able to sort out my problem! I also have to mention i have no clue about these routers so please bare with me and my lack of correct terminology. I live in a shared house with 5 other people and we pay for a really good WiFi package i have done speed tests and we are getting what we have paid for but when ever i come to use it, it is slow as f***. I believe my friend is downloading movies literally all day and all night due to he has nothing better to do with his time and i know this is what is taking all the WiFi. Now i know that if i type my IP address and then enter admin admin it will allow me into the settings of the router, what i need to know is how do i allocate my laptop with more bandwidth (if that's the rite terminology) or his with less to share it out a little more. I have already spoken to him about it and he seems not to care so there is not much more i can do apart from this then change he password hahaha get my own back. If not is there anyway to boost the signal to my laptop so i get better coverage??

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    Any information would be greatly appreciated guys!!


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    There must be a genius on here somewhere that can help me out!!! come on guys

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    As it turns out i am just going to buy a more powerful router due to lack of answers ;( i have found some good ones on the link below for anyone that is interested


    For the readers

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    I am also facing this problem whenever I try to download solar movies it takes more than one hour. I also face the same problem whenever I watch online movies.

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    If someone is taking too much bandwidth, what you need to do is bandwidth control, or IP qos. Not every tplink router support that. If it's simply slow with no one downloading files, then check the router settings.


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