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    Question TL-WN722N Antenna Effective Power

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    In specs of TL-WN722N indicated that the power (EIRP): 20 dBm.
    And antenna gain is 4 dBi.
    So that means 20 dBm includes 4 dBi of antenna's gain? or not?

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    Yes, that is correct EIRP = Effective Isotropic Radiated Power. This is the amount of signal the antenna efficiently radiates. All high gain antennas manipulate the signal
    not amplify. The specs could be misrepresented but I doubt this. A consumer can go to the FCC ID, search here https://www.fcc.gov/general/fcc-id-search-page and find
    anything related to the products R&D. 20dbm EIRP means the antenna radiates this amount of signal. dbm is also a logarithmic amount of measurement. 20dbm= 100 milliwatts each time you add 3dbm you increase
    that signal x2 times. The antenna is 4dbi this is a 2.5x change in signal so that means the actual transmit power would be 16dbm = 40 milliwatts of transmit
    power to the antenna.
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    TL WN722N Antenna Effective Power

    Hi, Yes this is the correct reading.To give the antenna a ground plane there is a built-in coil, and this is what you are measuring.Andy


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