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    I have a PSE (Switch POE) that supports IEEE802.3af mode A only, but if I use it with TL-POE10R I cannot power on my POE devices. It appears that TL-POE10R supports just the IEEE802.3af mode B. And it IS NOT STANDARD compliant. Infact the mode (A or B) is decided by the PSE and not by the device, so as stated by the standard definitions:

    "The PSE (power sourcing equipment), not the PD (powered device), decides whether power mode A or B shall be used. PDs that implement only Mode A or Mode B are disallowed by the standard."

    Then the TL-POE10R is definitively NOT IEEE802.3af standard.

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    Hi thecode. As you said the PSE decides whether power mode A or B, however, the TL-POE10R is not a PSE or a PD. It's just a splitter.
    So for the splitter, we cannot say it support which mode, right?

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    The TL-POE10R is a standard IEEE 802.3 af compatible PD. It should be able work with your standard PoE switch. If you have problem working with it, you can contact the TP-LINK Supporter directly.

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