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    Exclamation iPhone 5s Problem Connection Problem with WR 710 N from TP Link

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    Hello Everybody, I have a Problem with my TP Link WR 710 N and my IPhone 5s. I use the Router in Accespoint Mode with Hostels lokal Lan. Security is WPA PSK 2 Now the Problem: My Friends with his android Phones can normale connect to the Router and if he normaly connected, he can surf the Internet normaly. Now my iPhone: i can connect to the Router and than i have Full WLAN Signal. Now The Problem: I Cant acces to the Internet but i have Full WLAN Connection. Why i only have a Problem with my iPhone and all my Friends doesnt have any Problems with his android Phones? Have you a Solution for my Problem? It Makes ne Crazy Sorry for my bad english. Thank you very much Best wishes Philipp

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    Long-standing problem with iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. Unfortunately nothing seems to help except a reboot of the phone. See discussion here: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6713661


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