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This is nonsense. I use PharOS V2 on my V1 hardware. V2 is just a visual identity upgrade, meaning it changed only look & feel and the TP-Link logo by reason of the company's 20-year anniversary. I also use such visual identity upgrades on other TP-Link gear such as the Easy Smart Switches, which also can be upgraded despite their hardware version.

See http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread....network-to-2.0

I did write this already. Nevertheless I am testing all kinds of setups and so I did test TDMA of several CPE210s in a PtMP setup even with an additional TL-WA7210 using beta firmware, which enables TDMA for this device, too. But since I use only PtP in day-to-day use for a permanent directional radio link at the moment, I disabled it after testing and seeing that it perfectly works. I'm testing all and everything of functionality of the devices I can get hands on. It is my business as a consultant to get practical experience with the gear I'm selling, so I can advise customers without having to guess or think or believe etc.

I'm out of this discussion now.

You're using TEST mode with non-WiFi frequencies, so every problem appearing in this mode, which - as the names says - is for testing, but not for regular use, is just a useless waste of time and will not lead to any solution.

I agree that the fact that you continue to comment in this way is a real waste of time for everyone because it does not contribute anything. The use of the "TEST" mode only releases the use of the entire range of frequencies in which the equipment can operate at maximum operating power and does not condition the operation with regard to the problems I am raising. These teams have problems and are serious, so to make the misunderstandings will not improve sales to TPLINK, since the only reason to acquire them is that they work reliably.-